If I Didn’t Have Morals

I’d vote Republican because I’d be richer. But alas, I have morals.

I know that I am somewhat well off, and I’ve traveled enough throughout the country to realize that many people are not nearly as fortunate as I am. In Appalachia, I’ve met people who are dying simply because they cannot afford healthcare. In my eyes, this is an atrocity. I’m no Christian, but I do have a strong sense of morality which compels me to support Obamacare. I’ll earn less money just so these people can have the human decency of healthcare. How can we deny our neighbor—who we are called to love as ourselves—the right to healthcare regardless of his or her ability to pay?

I’ve never understood this Christian paradox. I’ve always admired the figure of Jesus for being some disinterested in money and status; instead, interested only in the welfare of those around him. How then, can (most) modern day Republicans call themselves Christians?